Keynote Speakers

Apostolos Konstantinidis

Apostolos Konstantinidis was born in 1949 in Athens. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1974.
That same year he published the book “Numerical Examples in Pre-Concrete Structures”. In 1976, the two volumes of another book, titled “Applications in Concrete Concrete Structures”, followed, and in 1978 published the third volume of this series titled “The Foundations”. These publications, up to 20,000 copies, were highly appreciated, especially for extraordinary shyness and widespread practical treatment and were welcomed by professional engineers as well as students.
From 1978 to 1982, he is engaged in the design and implementation of reinforced concrete constructions. In 1982, he founded the Pi-Systems (π-System) software development company and two years later introduced the program “OLOSTATIKA”, an interesting application that graphically, the simple and friendly environment of the work, presents a new way of conception and engineering realization.
With changes in technical design norms and based on new technologies, in 1994, it revised and revised the three volume work titled “APPLICATIONS IN CONSTRUCTIONS CONCRETE CONCRETE according to new norms”. The series of books has now reached the 12th edition. In 1996, the industrialization of the ANTISEISMIC THORACES spiral staffs is suitable for the reinforcement of each structural element of anti-seismic constructions (columns, beams, diaphragms and foundations). In 1999, it engages in the realization of six technical textbooks adapted to the secondary construction schools.
In “Pi-System” company, it improves the design and implementation of anti-seismic design calculators. In 1998 she presented the “ARCHITECTURE” program based on the well-known AutoCad program, with 3D animation and then, in the year 2000, presents the KINESIS program of architectural rendering and animation.
In 2004, the “SteroSTATIKA” program was launched for the implementation of the construction projects of reinforced concrete constructions and in 2007 the program “PANOPLIA”, a complete program for the management of reinforced, compatible and anti-seismic buildings other programs.

Proff.Assistant. Dr.Sc. Isak Idrizi

Born in 6th of November,1980 in Shkup, Macedonia.

He did elementary and high school in his homeland, while his undergraduate studies he finished in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Prishtina University, Structural Department. For his excellence during undergraduate studies, he was awarded by the Rectorate of Prishtina University with the prestigious diploma “Distinguished Student”.

After graduation in 2005, he went back to his homeland where he attended and finished successfully the postgraduate studies (in 2009) and doctoral studies (in 2014) in the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, Shkup Macedonia. Along his educational development he participated in many international conferences and congresses related to structural engineering with more than 20 original scientific papers.

As part of his Doctoral Dissertation he proposed an “Innovative Solution for Seismic Protection and Response Improvement of Buildings”, on which idea he was deeply involved for over 5 years of his study. Most of his work on this field, he presented in several international conferences and journals. Ultimately, all the findings and studies related to this idea he published in a book in 2015 entitled “IDRIZI infill wall system for Seismic Protection of Residential Buildings”.

Alongside his academic career, he also has solid experience in the professional field of structural engineering, namely he has designed, constructed and supervised dozens of multistory residential buildings, industrial structures and buildings of social character.

Right after completion of his Doctoral studies in 2014, he got involved for two years as a lecturer in the Faculty of Applied Sciences in State University of Tetova in subjects “Introduction to Earthquake Engineering” and “Design of Steel structures 1”. In 2016, since the establishment of the new public University “Mother Teresa” in Shkup, he was entrusted the position of Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of University Mother Teresa – Shkup, Macedonia.

Hector Nava

Hector is the founder and president of Synergy Cooling Towers a company with the goal of revolutionizing the cooling water treatment. Synergy Cooling towers independently represent the top-ranked chemical-free cooling tower technologies. Also a member of the Water Youth Network.

Before founding Synergy Cooling towers, Hector worked at Isle Utilities a water consulting company specialized in water innovation and emerging technologies. Hector supported industrial water to help industrial clients such as Shell, Ab In Bev, Coca-Cola among other to be up to date in water innovation. During his time at Isle’s Hector lead a project for a Oil & Gas leader to identify and validate sustainable cooling tower technologies worldwide.

Before joining Isle Utilities Hector developed from scratch the LATAM region for Voltea, the world’s leader in Membrane-Capacitive Deionization. Later became Voltea’s business development manager for Europe straightening his career in business development and sales.

Hector’s international perspective comes from extensive traveling and living abroad. Originally from Mexico, he obtained a BS in Civil Engineering at Florida International University where he founded the chapter of Engineer Without Borders. Hector specialized in water technologies by pursuing an MSc in Water Supply Engineering from IHE Delft in the Netherlands.