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Vlorë is the third most populos city of the Republic of Albania. It is the capital of the surrounding Vlore County. Located on the southeastern Adriatic Sea, it is one of the country’s southernmost dominant economic and cultural centers.

Vlorë was founded as an Ancient Greek colony in the sixth century BC under the name of Aulon and has been continuously inhabited ever since. It became the seat of a bishopric. In modern times, the city served briefly as the capital of Albania. Notably Albanian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed here on November 28 in 1912. Culturally and economically it is one of the most significant cities of southwestern Albania. Vlorë is home to Albania’s second largest port, the Port of Vlore

Llogara National Park

The Llogara National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombëtar i Llogarasë) is a national park centered on the Ceraunian Mountains along the Albanian Riviera in Southwestern Albania, spanning an surface area of 1,010 ha (10.1 km2). The park’s terrain includes large alpine meadows, vertical rock faces, precipices and dense forests. The most area of land is covered by forests and was established in 1966 to protect several ecosystems and biodiversity of national importance. The International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) has listed the park as Category II. The region has been recognised as an important Bird and Plant Area, because it support significant numbers of various bird and plant species.

The park features outstanding diversity with the landscape ranging from the alpine peaks of the Ceraunian Mountains covered with snow in winter to the sunny Albanian Ionian Sea Coast in summer. At 1,027 m (3,369 ft), the Llogara Pass provides a striking scenery, with tall mountains overlooking the Albanian Riviera and several islands in the sea. The region experiences a mediterranean climate. This means that the summers are hot and the winters generally dry to warm to cool. Despite the vicinity to the mediterranean climatic region, an alpine climate prevails at the Maja e Çikës. Geomorphologically, carbonate rocks occupy most of the area, while the mountains are composed of limestones and dolomites.


Palasë  is a village close to the Llogara National Park in the Albanian Riviera. It is located in the municipality of Himarë (13 kilometres from the town), in the Vlorë County, Albania. The inhabitants of Palasë speak mainly a variant of the Himariote Greek dialect, and partly the Tosk Albanian dialect.

The village is located several kilometres northwest of the town of Dhërmi, accessed via the main road leading out of the town. The Llogara Pass and Çika Mountain are nearby. The Thunderbolt Mountains, the western chain of the Ceraunian Mountains, enclose the area on its northern and northeastern side. The area opens up on its southwestern side with the mountain of Çika and descends towards the Ionian coast and the Greek Islands of Othonas and Corfu in the distance.

The village contains narrow stone roads and quaint white houses and is built around a 400-year-old platanus (plane tree), which is central to village life and the pride of the village. Geologically the terrain belongs to the western part of the Ionian Tectonic plate. This section of the coastline is referred to by geologists as the Palasë-Butrint coastline. The Palasë beach is 1.5 kilometres in length.

North of Palasë, is located a small bay, named Grammata (‘letters’ in Greek), accessible only by sea, with the surrounding cliffs containing various epigraphs, texts and symbols, perhaps carved out by sailors.

Green Coast Luxury Resort

The “Green Coast Luxury Resort” is being built on the coast of the Ionian Sea, on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera, the Palasa area. As one of the best resorts in the region it combines the elegance of architecture with the precious values of nature, history and culture. Unique in its own kind in Albania, the resort extends on more than 20 hectares of land including a variety of villas and apartments, a 5-stars hotel, integrated service and entertainment facilities, and a promenade along the seashore. The “Green Coast Luxury Resort” is not simply the newest destination in the Mediterranean, but it is also a safe investment with fast ROI through the lease program. Innovations such as joint partnership investment, customized “Butler” service, are added values that bring the Albanian tourism closure to the European market requirements.